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About DeWandelaar

DeWandelaar is a blog about walking, philosophy and spirituality, living sustainably and appreciating nature nearby Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

This website is under construction in 2019.

Making it up as I go along

I started the project in January 2019. In April I started walking existing trails like the NS Walks and those from Natuurmonumenten. I am slowly getting a better idea of where I want to take DeWandelaar. During 2019 the website will probably change direction while this happens. I will keep the website functional while these changes happen.

Taking the long way

I am determined to make DeWandelaar an authentic, environmentally and socially sustainable project. What this means is that I must have ‘walked the walk’, visited the campsite or museum since I started the project in 2019. All content like photos must be original from that date, there is no copy-paste from other sites.

I must get to all of these by foot, bicycle or public transport. No cars are used to get to any of the content, and certainly no jets. This means DeWandelaar will be about Local, Sustainable Tourism, accessible to almost anyone from Amsterdam.

I do not have a financial business model. At the moment this project is funded by my wife who works in child care. I have philosophical reservations about advertising or writing reviews.

About the Author

My name is Jens. I am a first-generation New Zealander, born in the early 1970s to German immigrants. From my earliest years I have spent long periods in native bush where I developed a strong appreciation for flora and fauna wherever it is found. Later, much of my life was spent traveling around New Zealand, camping in the wilderness and ‘tramping’ many trails.

After completing University and a few years of work, I left New Zealand in 1997 for my OE (Overseas Experience). My travels took me to parts of Asia, America and Africa before basing myself in London and pursuing my career.

I moved to the Netherlands in 2001 where I met my wife. In 2010 I became a house-husband after the arrival of two children. That change in lifestyle has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate what’s important in life. Being a house-husband, unhindered by career, has shown me how important parenting and raising children is.

Now that our children are getting older, I have more time to pursue projects like DeWandelaar, my efforts in conservation, and to rediscover The Netherlands.

The Author
The Author
Tramping in New Zealand 1980s
Tramping in New Zealand 1980s