DeWandelaar is a personal website and is therefore subject to changes.

Its mid-October and I’m shifting sites from one server to another. At the same time I’m looking at want I want to do with DeWandelaar, and have decided to simplify things.

My goals are to share my enjoyment of hiking, and the thoughts I have while doing it. I feel that things like walking, cycling and camping – nearby where you live – are easy things to do, don’t cost much, are good for you, and good for the social and environmental aspects of society. These are simple pastimes that allow you to slow down and think.

This last summer (2018) I’ve thought a lot about what goals I’d like to set for DeWandelaar. These include;

To make everything about DeWandelaar as accessible as possible to everyone.
To be environmentally-friendly.
To achieve a high moral and ethical standard.

As a result, I’ve decided that promoting New Zealand content does not fit in with the above. Some of the reasons are clear;

Not everyone can afford the time or cost of traveling to New Zealand
24 hour flights are not good for the environment
Increased tourism damages the New Zealand environment
Tourism may contribute to social problems in New Zealand

This of course means a lot of the work I’ve done is now obsolete.


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