My apologies for taking DeWandelaar offline. I’m once again going to change things around as I do from time to time. In the last few years I’m been walking around the countryside around Amsterdam and the Netherlands, recording my trails and providing route descriptions. However, while I walk I’m often thinking, and it is these thoughts that I’d like to share on DeWandelaar in the future.

Aside from that, technology is changing faster and I’m getting older, so rather than spending so much time behind a computer keeping things updated, I’m going to simplify the site so I don’t spend so much time indoors. My kids are also becoming teenagers and keeping me on my toes, so I have to focus more time on my family, which is of course natural, for most of us.

Will get around to this as soon as I can, but it feels good to hit the delete button from time-to-time, free and reinvent myself, lest I become “stuck in my ways”!