Hikers on the Rothaarsteig © CC BY-SA K.Schwake-Drucks K.Kappest


157 km

4338 m

4138 m

843 m


8 stages

Rothaarsteig Map & Elevation

The map of the Rothaarsteig shows the track from Brilon to Dillenburg contained in the GPX file. Hover over, tap or swipe the graph to see the elevation data on the map at the trackpoint.

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Data may vary from other sources. Initial GPX track data sourced from wanderbares-deutschland.de 1. This can be modified and made compatible with OpenStreetMap tiles. Minimal trackpoints are used to reduce file size. Elevation is modified with best available terrain data. Elevation gain and loss is calculated by creating a sum of the increase or decrease between each GPX trackpoint.

Open Data

Data may be imported from the German National Tourist Board (GNTB), the Open Data Tourism Alliance (ODTA), and other sources under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA license. This data may be modified. Other data or content on this page may be copyright of DeWandelaar or other entities.