NS Wandeling Helderse Duinen

NS Helderse Duinen

The 16 km long NS Helderse Duinen trail connects Den Helder with Den Helder Zuid. The route passes a naval base, museums, dikes, a light house and dunes.

The NS Helderse Duinen walking track links station Den Helder with station Den Helder Zuid. From Den Helder it passes Willemsoord Harbour. Here you will find the National Reddingmuseum and the Marine Museum. It the proceeds along the coast passing the Fort Erfprins military base, the ‘Lange Jaap’ lighthouse and Fort Kijkduin near the village of Huisduinen. It then circles De Helderse Duinen (Dunes). Finally the walking track goes through the Donkere Duinen (Dark Dunes) forest. Just before station Den Helder Zuid it circles Het Nollenlandschap nature area.

Route and Location Details

1782AA Den Helder
North Holland

    52.95707, 4.76058

    18.5 km

Walk Features

    Restaurant Enroute

   Dogs Restricted

   Bird Watching

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Personal Notes

I walked this trail from Den Helder to Den Helder Zuid. Was a little lost when I first came out of the station following arrows. There is a lot to see around Willemsoord harbour including the Nationaal Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers (Sea Rescue Museum) and the Marinemuseum (Dutch Navy Museum). Both are excellent. There is also an interesting shipwreck discovered in Flevoland when the polder was created. It was very windy when I did the walk along the dike. When you reach Fort Erfprins you have to be careful to find the path at the bottom of the dike. The walk around the defensive moats is ok, however you could save time by continuing along the coast. You pass the 55m tall lighthouse 'Lange Jaap' (1878). It is one of the tallest cast iron lighthouses in the world. You then pass Fort Kijkduin which was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811. It is now a museum and Aquarium. The track proceeds around De Helderse Duinen. I found this a little disappointing, it would be great if the track went through the dunes. I guess it is a protected area. From Fort Kijkduin you might consider walking south along Grafelijkheidsweg and turning east at Hengstepad. The walk through the Donkere Duinen is pleasant. Watch out at the pond, I went slightly wrong. Stay next to the pond. You emerge at De Helderse Vallei children's farm and recreation area. There is a lookout tower here worth climbing for the views. The rest of the walk takes you through suburban streets until you reach Het Nollenlandschap. This is a sort of marsh and dunes nature reserve that sits next to Den Helder Zuid station.

NS Wandeling Helderse Duinen
NS Helderse Duinen

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NS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse DuinenNS Wandeling Helderse Duinen

Things I like…

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche