NS Wandeling De Bretten

NS De Bretten

The 10 km long NS De Bretten trail connects Halfweg-Zwanenburg with Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The route has many activities that are nice for older children.

The NS De Bretten walk is a nature walk close to Amsterdam. Beginning in Halfweg -Zwanenburg, it makes its way around the south-east edge of Park Spaarnwoude. The path passes lakes, canals and ponds, before going under the motorway and looping around the Garden Park Groote Braak. At the south-western corner of that park is a pont that kids will like. They can also climb the rock-face under the motorway. It follows the rail tracks before it winds through Spieringhorn park. The last stretch follows a narrow band of bush along the Haarlemmerweg before entering commercial areas and reaching Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station.

Route and Location Details

Oude Haarlemmerstraatweg
1165 MJ Halfweg
North Holland

    52.38629, 4.74661

    10 km

Walk Features

    Child Friendly

   Dogs Restricted

   Bird Watching

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   NS (Dutch Railways Walks)

Personal Notes

I walked this route from Halfweg-Zwanenburg to Amsterdam Sloterdijk in mid-April. I took along my daughters age 11 and 13. It was an easy walk, with enough interesting sections to stop them from complaining! The first part of the walking route follows the outside of Spaarnwoude Forest. I'm sure there are some interesting walks in there and should come back to explore some more. The area past the Groote Braak has some good opportunities for birdwatching. There are sheep in the paddocks here. The track turns to the right (south) after the Boezemgemaal Halfweg. We missed it and had to go back. The kids liked climbing the rock wall under the motorway. The section around the Garden Park 'Grote Braak' was full of insects and butterflies. In the south-western corner is a pont that the kids had some fun with. There is another rock-wall here next to the train tracks. The kids had a panic about insects and ticks here. In the panic I accidentally turned off my GPS logger. That is why there is a gap in the route shown on the map. It is also why the kids are suddenly wearing jackets! Eventually the walking path passes through the Spieringhorn area which is a pleasant walk. After crossing the rail tracks there us a playground that the kids will like. Around here is the Brettonburg (Bretton-Hill) which is a former rubbish tip now covered by trees and shrubs. You can see bricks and building materials from the former dump. The last part of the walk is straight along a narrow stretch of bush between industrial terrain and the the Haarlemmervaart / Haarlemmerweg.

NS Wandeling De Bretten
NS De Bretten

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NS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De BrettenNS Wandeling De Bretten

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