The Dutch Navy Museum in Den Helder.

The Marinemuseum is the Dutch Navy Museum. Being an important part of Dutch history, it has extensive displays. The accessible submarine Tonijn (Tuna) is a memorable experience on its own. The ships-bridge and radar dome of De Ruyter is impressive. The exhibition following the history of the Dutch Navy through the Golden Age and WWII to modern times is informative. Another building shows the history of the dockyard and naval technology.

Opening Times

Tue-Sun: 10:00-17:00


   €0  Adult with Museumkaart.

   €10.50  Adult without Museumkaart.

Contact and Location Details

Hoofdgracht 3
1781AA Den Helder
North Holland

   +31 223 657 534


   52.96384, 4.77169

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Personal Notes

This is a large museum that you could spend all day in. I was walking the NS Helderse Duinen trail and visiting the Nationaal Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers (National Sea Rescue Museum) so did not stay as long as I would have liked. I approached the ships-bridge of De Ruyter first. The radar dome was one of the most sophisticated in its time. The Ordinance Repair shop has two floors. It shows the history of the dockyard along with equipment and specialist areas of the modern navy. The submarine Tonijn is accessed through the museum's main entrance. Before you visit the submarine, have a look at the exhibition on the history of the Dutch Navy in The Tower. You could spend hours there. In the submarine you enter a small hatch at the front of the boat, and exit at the rear. On the way you will see all the rooms including torpedo-rooms, radar, sonar, crew quarters and the command room. An unforgettable experience for kids.


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