Covered footbridge in Gaasperpark on DeWandelRoute Zuid Oost


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A 65km, multi-day, through-hiking and camping route around Amsterdam, DeWandelRoute connects nature areas and campsites and provides a sustainable outdoor experience. Designed to develop an early and on-going appreciation of nature and self-sufficiency in hikers of all ages, this main track is developed for parents hiking with children.

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Route Summary

Starting at Camping Zeeburg, on day one the route follows DeWandelRoute Diemen Oost and joins with DeWandelRoute Zuid Oost before reaching Gaasper Camping (17km).

Day two continues through the Zuid Oost and into Utrecht province before reaching Camping ‘t Riviertje near Abcoude (15km, 32km). Day three connects with DeWandelRoute Amstelland and joins with DeWandelRoute Amsterdamse Bos before reaching Camping Het Amsterdamse Bos (22km, 54km).

The final day is a relaxed walk through forest and past children's playgrounds and the pancake restaurant Boerderij Meerzicht before reaching station Amsterdam Zuid (11km, 65km).

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Walk Features

    Child Friendly

   Dogs Restricted

   Bird Watching

DeWandelroutes are multi-day hikes inspired by the walks of my youth in New Zealand. We carried everything we needed and camped overnight. These walks were not easy, but they taught you to carry the bare essentials, how to plan, how to survive, and how much we take for-granted living in the city.

These through-hikes taught me to be less entitled, more appreciative of what I have, and how little I need to be content. In a world of fast-paced, ‘mindless’ consumerism, these walks are helpful to become more ‘mindful’; to slow down, observe and reflect on the impact our combined daily lives have on ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Watching young children grow in Amsterdam, I thought they might benefit from a similar experience. The routes are therefore made with children in mind, however are also suitable for adults. Some options are not suitable for young children, so please study the route before you depart.

Parents today are pressed for time, so the routes are designed for up to three days of walking and nights camping. All routes start and end at NS train or metro stations, of which several options are given. There are also options to shorten or extend the hike depending on the time you have.

Things I like…

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” – Steven Wright